Real Estate Investing for Beginners

10 Ways to make $10,000 a Month:
A list of effective Real Estate Investment Strategies

As an introduction to real estate investing, here are 10 effective strategies we use to make a phenomenal income.

We're not talking about becoming a real estate agent here. We're talking about pulling out the stops, getting creative, and making the big bucks.

As you'll read below, there are ways to make money on properties that are beautiful and properties that are run-down. There are different strategies you would use in a buyers' market and a sellers' market, in a high-appreciation market and one on a plateau. The better you understand each strategy introduced below, the more deals you'll be able to find and the more money you will make on each deal.

Real Estate Investment Strategies:

(click on strategy for details)
#1 Wholesales
#2 Fix and Flips
#3 Rehabs
#4 Short Sales
#5 Subject To/Lease Options
#6 Commercial Property
#7 Land Development/Construction
#8 Buy and Hold
#9 Creative Real Estate Deals
#10 The Last Strategy

Which strategy should I choose?

By reading these short introductions to real estate investment strategies it would be hard to choose the strategy that is right for you. The right strategy depends on who you are and your situation. Some strategies require a lot of time, money, or education and experience. Some do not. Do you work with your hands? Are you technically inclined? Are you a people person?

The best route to go is to get a broad understanding of what each strategy requires, and then dig down into those that seem best suited to your skills and abilities. If you're serious about creating wealth through real estate, our community of successful investors can guide you through your decisions and help you complete your first couple deals.

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The 7 Great Truths of Real Estate Investing--What Every Investor Should Know About Real Estate
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